Train Station Advertising Poster Sizes

The most standard formats of posters are 4 and 6 sheet sizes.4 sheet posters are 60 inch x 40 inch and are the old UK standard sized posters for platforms advertising. 6 sheet are marginally bigger and are effectively the European sized 4 sheet and measure 1800mm x 1200 or in old money – 70 inch x 48 inch. There is not a lot of difference in size but there is in cost. As you can see from this picture, the two posters are next door to each other and the choice we have as advertisers is, “Do we go for the larger size or do we book 2 of the smaller size – maybe on the same station, but different platform or even different stations – for the same money. That’s right, 4 sheet sized posters are, in most cases, half the cost or less than half the cost – dependent on the station.

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