Stonewater Homes Train Station Poster Campaign

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Stonewater Homes have been advertising on the rears of Courtney buses for a couple of months now and wanted to boost the impact of their Edenfields development in Bracknell and took out a 2-week campaign at Bracknell Train station to increase the impact of the development and to enhance the bus advertising. Advertising to regular commuters is a great way to get the message out there and it is not just to people who board and alight at Bracknell station, but those who are still on the train commuting to other stations. Train station advertising is a great way to promote your message to commuters as there is dwell time on the platforms and also time for commuters on the train to digest the message – and take a picture of the advert if necessary. Also with regular commuters, there is the opportunity for them to see the advert for up to 20 times over a 10 days working period – every day on the way to the office and also on the return journey.

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