Picking the Right Advertising Platform for your Business

Although this article is focusing on train station platforms, it could and should apply to all forms of outdoor advertising…

We receive a number of enquiries from prospective clients saying for example ‘that they want to advertise on train stations’, and they find us by googling train station advertising. At the time of them making contact with us, they may think this is the only service we offer, so my first objective is to actually speak with the client on the phone to find out more about their business and who their target market is, and to ask them why they think they want to advertise on a train station. Generally their response is that they think it is a good way to attract new clients and to get their message across.

Now it might be a good way, but is it the right way? Is it the most cost effective way?

Generally, and due to the way we promote Focal Point Advertising, they may think that we only offer one or two types of advertising when it is actually closer to 50. They wont necessarily know this when they make the initial enquiry. By talking with the prospective client, it may be that one or more of the other services we offer may be better suited to reach their target market and optimise their marketing budget.

The outdoor advertising industry had changed massively since I set up Focal Point in 1987. Back then there was literally a handful of services and today the industry has grown so much that there are now over 50 opportunities in the outdoor sector alone and this means that in so many cases, there are opportunities for clients to be a lot more targeted when trying to reach their clients which means every £1 spend is so much better targeted and therefore your exposure is maximised.

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My guess is that most clients looking to conduct an outdoor advertising campaign are currently booking space through an ad agency or with a media owner directly and they are not being asked the right questions or maybe not asked any questions, meaning that the media owner or agency is happy just to take an order from you and not necessarily help you spend your well earned money wisely. This I am sure is not always the case but I have heard it so many times in the last 30 years of me running my own business.

Due to the fact the industry has changed so much it is more important now than ever before to use a specialist in the outdoor advertising industry , a company who cares and will help you maximise the impact of your campaign and minimise your spend, a company who will work with you and give you the best help and advice. And a company who totally understands the out of home (OOH) industry and what is on offer and not to sell you what makes them the most commission but what is in your best interest.

Focal Point have built a business on strong foundations of clients coming back again and again. We are not in business for the one time sale. We are in business to help our clients generate more business, to help them promote their business in the best possible way and the most cost effective way.

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