Businesses Pull Together for Turnham Green Train Station Advertising

Devonshire Road is a busy road off Chiswick High Road and unless you know it is there, you could be excused for driving straight past it. There are a number of smaller local businesses down Devonshire Road and they have even built a website between them – – to help support each other. Business is tough and they have pulled together in a number of ways to support each other.

One idea they had was to take a poster site at Turnham Green Train Station, being the closest station. 6 businesses decided to support this initiative and club together to take a 12 sheet sized poster on the overbridge. This is a 120 inch wide x 60 inch deep poster and selected a great location to help promote their businesses. It just goes to show what can be achieved by pulling together. A twelve week campaign was booked and this made it very cost effective for these businesses without covering the total cost themselves – something that may well have been outside of most of their budgets.

Turnham Green Train Station Advertising is just one of the many places you as a business can advertise. Please get in touch for more information on how your business can benefit from advertising at Train Stations.