Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Uses AdGates to Target Pantomime Audience

So this year’s pantomime at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford is Dick Whittington. Like many other theatres around the country they need to make sure that local people know when the show tickets go on sale to make the show a success (if you would like some tickets by the way, check out the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre website by clicking on the link). They use a tried and tested method, the Train Station Adgate. They have used this method before because they have come to realise that the Train Station at Guildford gets used by an awful lot of local people every day. Each one of them having to wait for a few seconds from when they enter their ticket into the platform gate to when the gate finally opens and they can walk through, closing again behind them ready for the next person. During these few seconds, you have no choice but to take in what is printed all over the gate, which in their case is the advert for the pantomime tickets. Not only do you get each person looking at your advert, because you have chosen the station nearest to the Theatre, they are all local people in your ideal catchment area.

It takes some thought and experience to know what might work for your business, event or service and what type of Out of Home (OOH) advertising medium to use, but thats where we come in. Here at Focal Point Advertising we have been helping all kinds of businesses to use the right platform (pun intended) for over 30 years. Here is what Chrissie Paver from the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre had to say about using Focal Point Advertising:

Advertising in Guildford’s busy train station is always vital to ensuring we have full pantomime houses at Christmas and Focal are always very easy and helpful to work with

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